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Lift and Shift (rehosting)

Lift and Shift (rehosting) – migration of the data platform and all associated data to a cloud environment, with minimal or no changes in its architecture or data flow. The application will merely be re-hosted in a cloud as is, with its infrastructure virtualized. Relatively fast, costly-efficient and not resource-intensive, lift and shift approach may bring significant cost and performance optimization and support further cloud replatforming.

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Replatforming – partial or complete upgrade of the data platform and all associated data with the purpose of cloud optimization and transforming an app into partially cloud-native. This approach is cost-effective as it does not involve major changes in business logic. You may start small and have the cloud environment grow as your data platform scales up.

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Re-architecting – advanced migration to the cloud, complete transformation of the data platform into cloud-native. This approach involves complete re-engineering of all system components and the data itself. Though quite time- and resource-intensive, refactoring is the most rewarding as far as return on investment and long-term business outcomes are concerned.

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