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Online healthcare marketplace

An online healthcare marketplace connecting patients to local healthcare providers via various patient-facing digital tools. The clients platform removes the friction from everyday health related tasks and allows users to seamlessly search for and review medical institutions, book appointments online and connect to medical practices via their patient portals.

Online healthcare platforms


The Client was looking to hasten the delivery of new features for the online platform to foster rapid business growth, both in terms of increased users as well as acquiring new healthcare providers. The company was aiming to expand its presence into international markets and therefore required an adaptive version of the marketplace.


  • The core functionality that the client was expecting from the platform (which is also their value proposition) is to provide users with an ability “to book a confirmed appointment in under 60 seconds”. To support this idea from the technology standpoint, we have been assigned to improve the existing technology and develop new functionalities across the client’s web platform and mobile application (iOS and Android).

We successfully enriched the functionality of the clients e-commerce platform, its backend API and developed a mobile application that allows patients to book appointments anytime and anywhere with multi-language support technology.

Features & Technologies

E-commerce website and mobile app
(iOS, Android & hybrid apps)

  • Backend Development
  • Microservice architecture, cloud-based recording
  • Systems to securely handle client’s data
  • Admin Panel
  • Administrative tools
  • Algorithm-based insights for doctors, clients, managers and team
  • Large-Screen Applications
  • EHR Compatibility

Letters/document and records management

  • Integration with document management systems
  • Instant document view
  • Automated suppression of paper letters
  • Appointment Letters
  • Clinic Letters
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Pathology reports
  • Hospital prescribing
  • Selected imaging
  • Data from personal and prescribed connected devices

EHR (Electronic health record) integration

  • A more complete patient record to gain the full picture of each patient’s medical history
  • Integration with existing applications to deal with healthcare systems that have heterogeneous IT environments
  • Automated workflows
  • Compliance through access to documents in accordance with HIPAA regulations for privacy and security


  • Scheduling assistant
  • Management dashboard
  • Calendar

Outpatient Video Consultations

  • Video technology for consultations

Case Studies

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