Webinar: Industry overview and benefits of starting/developing DTC

Series: The Why and the How To Start and Successfully Optimize a Direct-To-Consumer Business.

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In this first webinar, we sit down with direct-to-consumer (DTC) experts to discuss key lessons learned to ensure a successful DTC strategy is in place.

October, Online
Webinar: Industry overview and benefits of starting/developing DTC

As consumers embrace D2C, brands are challenged to interact and engage with their customers differently, and create propositions that cater to this new set of individual needs and expectations.

D2C is everywhere. From beauty brands to food and beverage, D2C is disrupting the consumer landscape across all categories.

Whether you are D2C first or managing legacy brands, understanding what makes a good proposition is pivotal to your success.

Key takeaways:

  • Key factors that you should consider before devising your DTC strategy
  • The shifts we see in the past several years
  • Market and technology trends that can have an impact on your consumer engagement
  • How to analyze your market base and uncover impactful areas of customer engagement and drive revenue
  • How to craft the right tech stack for your business's unique needs
  • Navigate the potential pitfalls of DTC selling
  • Best practices for merchants getting started
  • How to increase margins and improve speed to market
  • Ownership over customer data and total control over the customer experience

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